Songs of Steven Fromholz

...a presentation for those who were deeply touched by this acclaimed Texas songwriter
over the course of his long career. The depth and breadth of Steven's songs
can best be appreciated intimately in purely listening environments -
house concert settings (Arhaven House Concerts), small theatres, and select listening venues
(Anderson Fair, The Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Badu House, The Bugle Boy).

Fletcher Clark

Larry Nye

Craig Toungate

Beginning in the 1970's, Fromholz relied on his sideman guitar player Larry Nye for most of his career. Bass player Fletcher Clark completed the trio for much of that time, as well as being band leader for Steven's larger ensembles and producer for many shows and recordings. Larry and childhood chum Craig Toungate were already successfully performing as The Almost Brothers when Fletcher joined them in the 1980's to add his third voice and instrument. This trio of sidemen recorded with Steven and provided back-up for scores of his special appearances and events.

While each of these superlative musicians independently has a very active career, they offer this show together for select occasions because of a shared and sincere belief that the music of this amazing songwriter should not languish. There are only a few of Steven's songs which others regularly perform - largely because his songs go way beyond the customary three-chord folk tune. Even his great hit I'd Have to Be Crazy (made platinum by Willie Nelson) is rarely presented in its original form. And the lyrics and emotion of Steven's immortal Texas Trilogy (thought by many to be the best song ever about Texas) are simply beyond the grasp of most singers. The Man with the Big Hat, Bears, Dear Darcie and a dozen others were staples of his sets. Then there are the other eighty or so brilliant songs that none but these long-time sidemen regularly played.

Following a stroke in 2003, Steven gradually retired from his active music career. In 2007, he was named Poet Laureate of Texas. At age 68, Steven's life ended abruptly January 19, 2014, from a hunting accident at his home in Eldorado, Texas, and he is buried in nearby Fort McKavett Cemetery. Two memorial gatherings, one in Austin in February, 2014, and one at the Kerrville Folk Festival the following Memorial Day, brought on stage dozens of his friends and colleagues to share their stories and renditions of some of his great songs. In 2015, The Almost Brothers bring the Songs of Steven Fromholz to select listening venues and house concerts.

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